Chartered Institute of Linguists

Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) - CIOL Qualifications Level 7

Following completion of the DipTrans exam session in January 2021, CIOL Qualifications will reduce the current exam completion timeframe from 5 years to 3 years. This change will apply to all exam sessions which take place after 01 February 2021.

Currently all units that comprise a qualification must be successfully completed within a five year period for candidates to be awarded the full qualification. In 2021 all new applicants for our qualifications will be required to complete the qualification within a three year period. The three year full exam completion period applies from the first year that a candidate receives a unit certificate. Therefore, once a candidate has received a ‘pass’ in any part of an exam, they have two more years to successfully complete all outstanding parts of a qualification .

Candidates who registered and passed a unit of the qualification between 2017 and 2020 continue to have 5 years in which to complete the full qualification and will not be impacted by this change.


Note for January 2021 DipTrans exam applicants

Key Information for January 2021 DipTrans Exam

On each of the two examination dates all Units must commence at the following local time:

Unit 01: 9.30am (to be confirmed)

Unit 02: 1.30pm (to be confirmed)

Unit 03: 4.00pm (to be confirmed)



Dates for January 2021 exams:

 • Tuesday 19 January 2021 – Other languages into English 

 • Wednesday 20 January 2021 – English into Other languages

For Chinese < > Portuguese, the exam date will be subject to confirmation.

The registration closing has been extended to 30 September 2020.


Please read carefully with the following information before applying for January 2021 CIOL DipTrans Exam at our Macao centre. For core information about the exam, such as exam format, language pairs and eligibility requirement, click here.

Exam fees 2020 

Unit 01 Written Translation of a General Text                                                                 HKD  4,600                                                                                             
Unit 02 One written translation of a Semi-specialised text in a

Technology, Business or Literature context                                                                     HKD 3,500                                                         
Unit 03 One written translation of a Semi-specialised text in a                                                                
Science, Social Science or Law context                                                                              HKD 3,500

Any two units booked together                                                                                            HKD 6,600

Full registration (all units)                                                                                                   HKD 6,600


Application fee  (non-refundable)                                                                             HKD 2,000


Membership registration for CIOL Affliate membership                                         HKD 350

(optional - applicant holding a valid membership of Affliate grade or higher is not required)